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Who We are 

Mission Statement

With the objective of contributing to the development of sustainable communities, we provide services to convey the charms of the community to people who live in, visit, and support the community.

Due to changing lifestyles and an aging society with a declining birthrate, the activities and culture that have been passed down through generations in local communities are in decline. We are working with local businesses, marketers, producers, artisans, artists, and local governments to convey the hidden charms of the region and contribute to the development of sustainable communities.

We values the following five criteria in order to create a three-way win-win situation for our guests, our service partners, and the community in which we live.


Feeling a sense of the uniqueness of the region


Reflecting values and lifestyles that are supported
by local history and facts.


Providing memorable service to guests from different backgrounds.

Diversity and Inclusion

To be enjoyable for a wide variety of people who support the community, from children to adults, from Kanazawa residents to visitors


Contributing the development and preservation of the local community and resources.


What We Do


Our Clients

Voyageurs du Monde  /  Exo Travel  /  Explorient Travel Services, Inc. / Kanazawa City Tourism Association / Ishikawa Prefecture /JTB / HIS / Michi Travel Japan / Oku Japan 
/ SOKI, Kanazawa   

For Community

 Please contact us if you are interested in working together to provide an experience that will help you convey the hidden charms of Ishikawa and delight guests visiting the area.

For Travel Agents

If you are looking for a unique experience for your guests visiting Ishikawa, please contact us.

For People to work with

Please contact us if you are interested in working with us, whether you are interested in our services, want to please guests visiting Ishikawa, or want to be involved in creating a sustainable community.

Company Information


Kohaku Inc. (株式会社こはく)


Tel: 080-3396-8487
Overseas: +81-80-3396-8487

Additional Fees

In some experience such as Geisha performance and Festival performance, all drinks are not included in the price. Please order at the venue from the menu provided.


Shigehiko Yamada

Payment Deadline

Payment shall be made within 48 hours of receiving a payment request form through email.


1-Chome 4-28 Hosai Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture JAPAN

Payment Methods

Credit Card / PayPal

Our Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that some cancellations may result in a cancellation fee.
For more details and information regarding our cancellation policy, please review our “Terms and Conditions”.

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