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Morning Fish Market Auction Tour &  Cooking







What's Included: Cooking Ingredients, Utensils Utensils

Tour Overview

Kanazawa Central Wholesale Market opened in 1966 as the first central wholesale market in the Hokuriku region. Since then, the market has been responsible for the stable supply of foodstuffs within and outside the prefecture, and boasts one of the highest transaction volumes in Japan. Since the prices of perishable foodstuffs such as fish and vegetables tend to fluctuate greatly depending on weather and production conditions, and their nature makes it difficult to store them for long periods of time, Kanazawa City built and operates the central wholesale market to ensure fair and reasonable transactions and hygienic handling.



Tour Details



​*55,000 yen up to 2 persons.  An additional fee of ¥3,000 is charged for each additional person.
​*Guests aged 6 can not join this tour for safety

◎​Payment Method : By Credit Card

Number of guests required for this tour/experience to take place

Minimum number of guests*

Maximum number of guests*



*If the tour/experience has unfortunately been cancelled, guests who have made a booking via our official website will receive a full refund within 7 days. For guests who have made a booking via any other platform, please confirm the cancellation & refund policy as listed on the platform website.
*Please note that your group may be combined with another group.

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