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Published in Japan's Beautiful Residences

In Kanazawa House was featured in "Japan's Beautiful Residences," a popular magazine that introduces Japan's world-class residences.

Beautiful Residences in Japan

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IN KANAZAWA HOUSE is a renovated 100-year-old Kanazawa townhouse that was formerly a dye house. Now it offers unique experiences that can only be had in Kanazawa, mainly to foreign tourists.

For foreigners coming to Kanazawa for the first time, the most interesting thing is probably the food. The Omicho Market is the place to get fresh fish and local ingredients, and IN KANAZAWA HOUSE has prepared an experience tour where you can shop for ingredients with a cookery expert, cook them yourself, and eat at this market, which is said to be the kitchen of Kanazawa citizens. The tour also includes a visit to the three Kanazawa tea houses. There is also a course that combines a traditional Japanese meal with a geisha dance, tatami room drumming, and kappo kaiseki bento box lunches in the three teahouse districts of Kanazawa (Higashi, Chikagemachi, and Nishi), a morning rice porridge experience at a Buddhist temple, a Hakusan cycling tour, and a Temari sushi making course, among many others. For tourists, the best part is that they can experience the real charm of Kanazawa, rather than just visiting the usual tourist attractions while consulting a guidebook.

Mr. Shigehiko Yamada, the president of Kohaku Co., Ltd. who is in charge of planning and managing the project, is one of those who were fascinated by the beauty and value of Kanazawa machiya houses. He produced the house with great care and attention to detail, making significant changes not only to the Japanese-style rooms but also to the tsuboniwa garden and the kitchen area so that the house can be used for multiple purposes. He has lived in Kanazawa for only one year. I have lived in Kanazawa for only one year, but I can understand the charm of the city because I am from outside. We want local people to use the space for various purposes." The space can also be rented for yoga and meetings.

Located in a residential area far from tourist attractions, it is reached through a narrow alley in Kanazawa, a castle town that was spared from the fires of war. The townhouse, once hidden away, is now beginning to attract many people.


Photo by Nik Van der Giesen


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