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Kanazawa Home Cooking Class



10:30-12:00 (1.5hours)

Meeting Point:




What's Included: 4 dishes + rice, 

Dessert, Tea

Tour Overview

Learn how to make authentic Kanazawa meals inspired by seasonal ingredients picked up at Omicho Market.

Omicho market is a large outdoor fish, vegetable and produce market, and where the locals head to when there are looking for the freshest ingredients. Affectionately known as “Kanazawa’s Kitchen”, this is a lively area located within walking distance from Kanazawa station.

Details of your cooking experience will differ depending on the date, and season. 

Tempura Cooking Experience

Using seasonal seafood and vegetables, learn how to make authentic tempura dishes. Your course will also include a lesson on how to make Japanese-style egg omelette (tamagoyaki), a Kanazawa-style earthen-pot dish (Japanese Soup Stock), and 1 traditional home-style Kanazawa dish. (Total = 4 dishes)

Our resident IN KANAZAWA HOUSE cooking instructor has created this experience to teach you the wonders of Kanazawa through its unique food culture.