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Night Festival
Performance &
Dinner Experience



19:00-21:00 (2hours)

Meeting Point:




What's Included: Dinner (2 type of Matsuri Sushi, 3-4 local cuisine) Note: Drinks are not included.

Tour Overview

​Partake in a wonderful dinner while watching the traditional Kaga Lion Dance, a main attraction of many Southern Ishikawa (called Kaga area) festivals, at an authentic Kanazawa Machiya house that was built 98 years ago. The performance is as close to authentic as possible, with skilled successors and the authentic lion head and tools that are normally only taken out during festivals, courtesy of the Kanazawa Ono area (port town) Kaga Lion Dance Preservation Association.

We will also explain the history and background of the festival, and the characteristics of the Kaga lion dance performance in relation to lion dance cultures throughout Japan. You will also have the opportunity to watch a video of the actual festival held every July and experience a simulated experience of the festival. This is a rare opportunity to see the Kaga Lion  dance up close and hear the live performance of drums, flutes, and other instruments. This experience is unique in that you can actually touch the instruments and props, which is something you cannot do at a festival.

To ensure that you enjoy the mood of the festival,  the food will be local specialties such as Matsuri sushi (Pressed sushi that be eaten at festival) or Kaga vegetable tempura that are usually served at local festivals.

Tour Details

120,000 yen/group

​*120,000 yen up to 10 persons. 

A group of 10-15 persons is 150,000 yen and 15-20 persons is 200,000 Yen.
​*Guests aged 6 and under will be free of charge


◎​Payment Method : By Credit Card / PayPal

>Payment and Cancellation Details

Number of guests required for this tour/experience to take place:

Minimum number of guests*

Maximum number of guests*



*Please note that this experience has a different cancellation policy than the others.
1 month - 2 weeks prior to reservation date: 30% cancellation fee
2 weeks to 1 week prior to reservation date: 50% cancellation fee
1 week prior to reservation date: 100% cancellation fee
*If the tour/experience has unfortunately been cancelled, guests who have made a booking via our official website will receive a full refund within 7 days. For guests who have made a booking via any other platform, please confirm the cancellation & refund policy as listed on the platform website.
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