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Meeting Point:

Omicho Market



What's Included: 4 dishes + rice,
Dessert, Tea

Tour Overview

Eat your way through history with a private cooking class in Kanazawa -- a city famous for their unbelievable seafood, locally grown fresh produce, unique samurai culture, gold leafing, and more.

We’ll start our journey at Omicho Market -- the hub of Kanazawa’s food culture. Here, we’ll explore the stalls and wind our way through the bustling crowds to seek out the best in-season ingredients.

Learn how to spot the freshest ingredients, shop where local chefs and restaurateurs shop, and choose fresh seafood and vegetables that we’ll use during our cooking class.

Once we’ve chosen our ingredients, we’ll head our way back to the kitchen!

Naoko is our resident Kanazawa instructor, and is the person to ask if you want to learn anything Kanazawa-food related. Born and raised in Kanazawa, she has always had a love for the city’s food culture since she was young. As her mother is also a cooking teacher, Naoko has grown up eating, creating, and cooking Kanazawa cuisine.
She’ll teach you tips and tricks on how to cook, along with the history behind the food and ingredients (-- and will of course let you sneak a taste here and there, too)!