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1h30mn(Market tour)


Meeting Point: Kanazawa Central wholesale Market



What's Included: Market Auction Tour, Course Dinner (No Drinks are included)

Tour Overview

Kanazawa is known for a city of its high quality gourmet. 

Kanazawa Central Wholesale Market, which supports Kanazawa's food culture, opened in 1966 as the first central wholesale market in the Hokuriku region. 

It is also famous for the early start time of auctions among the central wholesale markets in Japan.

Normally, the area is off-limits to all but related parties.

In this tour, you will visit the market with vendors who work at the market, so you can learn about the auction mechanism, work at the market, seasonal ingredients, and much more.

Please come and see up close the workings of the market people who support Kanazawa's food culture and the wide variety of fish species they handle.

After observing the auction, we will disperse.

We will then gather again at the restaurant that evening to enjoy a special course meal featuring fish that was actually auctioned off.

The restaurant is Hatanaka, which opened in April 2019. Located near Kanazawa Station, the restaurant is housed in a renovated machiya (townhouse) and features a relaxed atmosphere. This sushi restaurant uses a variety of ingredients obtained from the nature of Hokuriku. This up-and-coming restaurant will delight you not only with its sushi, but also with its creative dishes.

Using fish auctioned off in the morning by Tadamura Suisan of the Omicho Market, the restaurant will offer a course menu exclusively for guests of this tour. The restaurant has English-speaking staff, so please enjoy conversation with them.

For an additional charge, you can also order the restaurant's recommended natural wine and selected sake.

Tour Details

130,000 yen/group

​*65,000 yen up to 5 persons.  An additional fee of ¥8,500 is charged for each additional person.
​*Guests aged 6 and under will be free of charge



9:45-10:00 Meet up at Omicho Market (in front of of Mister Dounuts)

10:00-10:50 Explore Omicho Market

10:50-11:20 Walk to IN KANAZAWA HOUSE

11:20-12:30 Cooking Lessen

12:30-13:00 Lunch Time

◎​Payment Method : By Credit Card / PayPal
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*If the tour/experience has unfortunately been cancelled, guests who have made a booking via our official website will receive a full refund within 7 days. For guests who have made a booking via any other platform, please confirm the cancellation & refund policy as listed on the platform website.
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