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12:00-13:30 (1.5hours)

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What's Included: Sushi-rice, Toppings (more than 15 kinds),Dessert,Tea

Tour Overview

Kanazawa is a city famous for seafood, and locally grown Kaga vegetables. Learn how to make temari-sushi (手毱寿司), colorful sushi that will impress your family and friends, using Kanazawa’s fresh, local seafood and produce.
Customize your toppings from more than 15 kinds, and choose from ingredients that you know and love -- or if you are the adventurous type, create sushi using locally-loved traditional ingredients! (Choose from fish, meat, vegetables, and more!) Discover what makes "temari" sushi unique, and the history of sushi within Japanese culture.

Our instructor will teach you tips and tricks for making temari-sushi, so that you can keep your memories of Japan a part of you, even after you have returned home. From creating the ideal sushi-rice, perfecting the temari-sushi shape, to learning traditional ways of food presentation, everyone will leave this temari-sushi making class having learned something new.