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Geisha (Geigi) Performance & Dinner experience!




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Join us for an exclusive Geisha (Geigi) Performance & Dinner experience!

An experience that is even rare for locals to enjoy, you'll have the opportunity to watch a traditional geisha performance, interact with these beautiful performers, and enjoy an authentic Kanazawa meal. From playing the taiko drums, to learning a few steps in their traditional geisha dance, this unique experience will allow you to join in on their performance, too.

We'll meet at the venue, which is a renovated traditional Kanazawa architecture. We’ll give you a tour of this traditional wooden building, which itself has an interesting history! The night will begin with a traditional geisha performance, which includes singing, dancing, and traditional musical instruments. You'll have an opportunity to perform and interact with the geisha performers, too -- as they'll teach you how to gracefully dance, play the taiko drums, and more.

After the performance, we'll take a little break before enjoying an authentic Kanazawa meal.This meal has been curated by a popular local Japanese restaurant that specializes in Kanazawa cuisine. Let us know in advance if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. During dinner, you'll have a chance to speak with the geiko performers and ask them anything that you want to know! Ask about their life, why them became a geiko performer, what their day-to-day is like, and more!

Before the night has finished, you'll have an opportunity to take photos with the geisha performers.Don't miss out on this exclusive experience during your time in Japan -- it will be the highlight of your trip!