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Geisha (Geigi) Performance & Dinner experience!




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Join us for an exclusive Geisha (Geigi) Performance & Dinner experience!

An experience that is even rare for locals to enjoy, you'll have the opportunity to watch a traditional geisha performance, interact with these beautiful performers, and enjoy an authentic Kanazawa meal. From playing the taiko drums, to learning a few steps in their traditional geisha dance, this unique experience will allow you to join in on their performance, too.

We'll meet at the venue, which is a renovated traditional Kanazawa architecture. We’ll give you a tour of this traditional wooden building, which itself has an interesting history! The night will begin with a traditional geisha performance, which includes singing, dancing, and traditional musical instruments. You'll have an opportunity to perform and interact with the geisha performers, too -- as they'll teach you how to gracefully dance, play the taiko drums, and more.